Monday, June 6, 2011

Because it's Monday...

Not to leave the Protestants out...LIFT that Bible, FIND the verse that will get your heart rate up (Ephesians 5: 22), RAISE those hands and praise (2...3...4)! Switch Bible to right hand and repeat!

C'mon Catholics, we could do with some weight training once in a while, too. FIND that Bible, DUST it off, LOOK for that verse. CALL that Baptist friend. ASK what page Ephesians is on (6...7...8).


  1. "ASK what page Ephesians is on"... Ah, but what translation? For the Baptist it's the King James of course, but then we have the New King James, New International, Good News, Common English, RSV, RSV-CE, NAB, American Bible, and so many-many more... And what version? Pocket size, study, large print, or magazine? And this of course leaves out all e-book and on-line versions... sigh. ;)

  2. Brain cramp! I knew it was more than one whole page long. It's a letter, right? Like e-mail?