Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Quick is a Relative Term

--1-- Nothing is "quick" around here...

With a newborn around, its a miracle we're not two hours late for anything. Who am I kidding? It's a miracle when I can make it to the bathroom on time.

--2-- Speaking of newborns!

Today his very first tears showed up. No more dry newborn tears for Mr. Baby! They grow up so fast! *sniff*

--3-- I'm taking a hiatus from the Garden of Holiness Podcast

I've contacted the folks at Deeper Truth to let them know, so this is my official first announcement. I've been called to be on team for an ACTS Retreat. The preparation for the retreat is 12 weeks. In order to say yes to this, I had to say no to something else. My primary vocation is to my family and as much as I enjoy blogging, podcasting, choir, and teaching, I am as busy as I can already be. For anything else to come into the schedule, something has to go out. A yes here means a no there.

If I don't set limits, I will be limiting my family. So, Deeper Truth has temporarily released me from my Podcasting with them so that I can serve on the ACTS Team. I'm excited. I will have one more podcast this month and then I will return in October.

Thank you friends at Deeper Truth!

--4-- Oh yeah, Milestones!

Anna knows all her letters and letter sounds. She's been reading, but there were gaps, so we went back to the basics twice and have switched programs (again). Hooked on Phonics did the trick. She is very musical and keeps the best time to music of any child I've ever met, so of course this program did wonders. It's very rhythmical. Yay!

--5-- I'm all blissy with family life and all that...

And I randomly check in on the blog and am surprised to see a huge spike in readership. That can only mean one thing, usually...SPAM! I checked into it and lo! It was not spam. These were honest to goodness guests to my blog, invited by Sheila Wray Gregoire from To Love Honor and Vacuum. She is all about marriage and I said a few things here that she liked and she sent a few (!!!) readers over to come look.

Here's a big Texas, "Hey!" to all the visitors. Don't mind the mess.

--6-- I have inspiring friends.

I go to a weekly One King meeting in Amarillo. Yesterday I brought Mr. Baby with me. We talked about fostering for a bit. Then one of the women asked if it would be okay if we, as a group, prayed for Mr. Baby's biological mother all week. It's more than okay. It's awesome.

--7-- God is good, but my editing skills are lacking.

Interrupted sleep will do that to a gal. So, if you don't mind, I will try to distract you from all the errors with the cuteness.

I call all my children "Bunny"

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