Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Taking a Quick Break So Here's 3 Quick Takes

Did I mention that the foster baby is a newborn? We've finally got him settled down to sleeping in 2 hour chunks, so my husband and I are able to get some REM sleep now. It's amazing how exhausted you get when you don't dream.

The other Martins in the house (the short ones) are insisting that the baby's nickname be Mr. Baby. Nobody was liking the number idea. He's Mr. Baby.

We can't post any pictures of the baby. One reason is simple courtesy to the child's birth families. Imagine going through the trauma of a removal and then seeing your child's face plastered all over a stranger's Facebook homepage. Another reason is that it is a foster agency rule. You'll just have to trust us when we say he's wonderful and worth every lost moment of sleep

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