Friday, July 26, 2013

7 Quick and Cranky Takes

--1-- The Day Started with a Bad Attitude

While setting the table for breakfast, "I should take a nap."

After the workout, "I deserve a nap."

Staring at the lunch dishes, "I'd rather nap."

--2-- Interrupted by a Bright Moment: Mr. Baby's First Walk

We went for a quick family walk. The baby smiled in his sleep and it was lovely, peaceful, and bonding to have us all out walking and enjoying the cool summer morning.

--3-- And then came chores, and I was all...

"I'm doing all the work here, ya' lazy spray bottle!"

--4-- I had to catch up on the laundry

By the third load I was like, "The laundry is against me."

--5-- And cook.
"Et tu, hot sauce?"

--6-- Of course, I had leftovers to take care of.


--7-- By the end of the day I realized

Oh, yeah. It's time for Confession.

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