Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--1-- Monday lasted almost all week

Nothing says Monday quite so well as a barfing kid. Not only did the bug stick around long enough to infect everyone except Mr. Baby, that frantic, overtired, overwhelmed, and under motivated feeling that defines Monday stuck around, too. By Wednesday, I'd figured out that the lingering Monday malaise was simply the fever I'd developed. Once I had it through my thick skull that I was actually sick, I felt better.

--2-- Reason #453 we love our parish Priest

It was tough getting everyone rolling and out the door to our 9th and final First Friday devotion. We go to the latest Mass possible in our diocese. It's 8:30 a.m. over at another church near ours, and we just barely manage to make it. Today was no exception. We managed to arrive, despite our usual mad dasher, with 3 minutes to spare.

But there was no one in the parking lot and a note on the door informing us that there was no Daily Masses today. Of course, this would have been announced in the bulletin, but we don't receive this church's bulletin. This church is our "Friday Church" as the kids put it. My husband and I locked eyes. Were we going to have to start over with the 9 months of First Friday Masses? Again?! This was our second attempt at the devotion, so we'd been at this for almost two years!

We got everyone back to the van and called all the Amarillo churches, including ours, asking about Daily Mass schedules. None of them had one that my husband could go to without taking time off of work (which is impossible on a Friday anyway). Our parish priest, Monsignor Rex Nicholl, asked us what we were up to and we filled him in. "Too bad I have a meeting this morning or I'd help you!"

Well, we struck out. It was so disappointing, but we were resigned to another 9 months of First Friday Masses. It wouldn't hurt us any, we mused, but we felt a little defeated over it. Ah well, off to the library to claim our prizes for the Summer Reading Program, then!

At the library, Father called us back. "I thought I couldn't do an extra Mass this morning, but I can. Come over to the Church!"

He set up and said a special Mass just for our family, just so we could complete our devotion. It was beautiful, as all Masses are, and extra powerful personally because it was said for us, personally.

We Martins will never, ever forget this. Wow, huh?

--3-- Done with school

Other than a little catch up and keep up with math and reading, we are officially on a break! Yay! No more school until after Labor Day. I'm so happy I could spit, but considering what's been going on at my house this week, I'll just keep all bodily fluids contained.

--4-- This calls for a celebration!

Well, we're sick, so let's sit around and celebrate by watching Finding Nemo after checking it out from the library! Yay.

--5-- Andy made cheese

My husband took pity upon his feverish wife Wednesday and decided to take care of all the milk that was piling up in our fridge. He took one look at me and said, "Nah! I don't want you contaminating it," pulled out the recipe book and made it himself. It's good, too.

He's such a great guy!

--6-- I'm having a relapse. Ugh.

Just when I thought I'd seen the worst of the bug, it decided to bite back. I was starting to feel the best I'd felt in a few days until around 4 o'clock this afternoon. Then it struck again. Pardon me if I don't pretty this post up with pictures and other things of interest. I'd rather be a big wimp about it.

--7-- Speaking of wimps

I'm going to wimp out on #7 here. I've just been granted the opportunity to nap and I don't want to miss it. I sure hope there aren't any typos today. If there are, I'll catch them later. Later!

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