Sunday, August 18, 2013

Why I dropped out for a week and a prayer request

I had a significant allergic reaction and have been sleeping off the powerful antihistamines for the last several days. When I was awake I was still a bit loopy, so I thought it best to keep my foggy brained thoughts to myself. I have another couple of days on the meds, but I'm starting to acclimate to them, if that's the word to choose to describe sleeping only 12 hours a day as opposed to 16 hours. I'll be back regularly when I can keep my eyes open regularly.

Meanwhile, will you pray for a dear friend of mine and her family? She is flying out tomorrow to be with her brother who is in his last days. She and many of her other siblings will be there together, but sadly her mother is unable to make the trip. Keep them all in your prayers, please.

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