Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Prayer Like Newsfeeds

When I am going through my day something will happen and I'll think, "That would make a good Facebook status." Sometimes I will even take the moment to log on and post it. It's a way to check in. Like a lot of you, I use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. I check in a lot.

Today, as the girls were rolling a mason jar full of cream back and forth to make butter, I thought up a butter churning status update. Since I was also catching up on some baking and pickle making while cooking up dinner, I knew I'd never get around to it before I forgot.

"Too bad," I thought. "My sister would get a kick out of that."

Then I got back to work, but the idea of posting nagged me a little. Cooking is one of those things that busies the hands, and when my hands are busy my mind chases thoughts down their various rabbit holes.

Being a mom of six, let me just tell you how marvelous and luxurious it is to get a chance once in awhile to complete an entire thought. Ahhh....I love cooking thinking.

So, while thinking I thought this today: What if I stayed caught up with God as much as I keep up with Facebook? What would my day be like if I was constantly checking in?

"Look, God. How cute. The girls are dressed up and having their 4th tea party today. Don't they ever get tired of it?"

"I got too much salt in these beans. I know just the fix. Chop in some raw potato to absorb the excess."

I don't mean that I'd replace my regular prayers, but merely supplement it with something more like a friendly check in.

So I tried it and I didn't feel silly or awkward. It was just like composing those Facebook statuses. Instead of sharing them online, I just shared them with God.

I might be on to something here. What do you think? Prayer as social media. Maybe it'll help my prayer life if I pray like God's reading my status updates.

Facebook has trained me to frequently check in. What if I took that habit and made it better? I wonder...

I wonder if maybe I just need more sleep.

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