Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Progress on the Ugly Yellow Trailer

Most of the major services are in on the new house!

All the very cool, manly jobs are out of the way. Like the septic football field...

Although there are still plenty of manly, power-tool related jobs left, like a new backdoor. The former owner bolted it to the frame. That job will involve the new sawzall my husband is purchasing today. Oh, yes, he's a happy man!

Now a lot of the jobs involve cleaning and putzing. We had our first meal in the new house--with company--before the water was hooked up.
The Dining Facilities
My lovely new kitchen. I'm planning on repainting that backsplash to get some color other than yellow and brown into the place. To deal with the lack of cupboard space, we'll be hanging the pots and pans from the ceiling. The muffin tins and other baking ware will be mouted on the wall. Maybe they'll look like decorative antiques if I don't scrub as hard after each use!

The whole place is paneled. On the plus side, fingerprints will be easy to manage, but it makes for one long, dark, and spooky hallway.

All that powder on the floor is baking soda to get rid of the cigarette odor.
(Legal disclaimer: it is NOT cocaine)

Now that the water's hooked up, you can use the facilities! Hoot! Hoot!

Those 70s were such a happy, orange and brown era!

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  1. There is a "bomb" of some sort you can use to help eliminate cigarette odor. I've been in places where the landlord used it and it really did work. Baking soda probably still needed, though.

    As the daughter of an intense smoker, being very sensitive to cig smoke as a result, well....the stuff works pretty good.

    Let us know how the baking soda works!