Friday, May 7, 2010

Voting has started on the blog awards! On an unrelated note...cookie?

In all the excitement about the blog awards, I found I couldn't sleep last night (slept great). I stayed up making cookies (I really might make them). Wouldn't you know it, our family doesn't eat cookies on Friday (during Lent)! What was I thinking (bribery)?

The 2010 Cannonball Catholic Awards voting began at 12:01 a.m. As you may recall, I humbly accepted the nomination for Best New Kid on the Block (that's "Garden of Holiness" spelled g...a...r...) and urge you to vote early and vote often. Feel free to anticipate the resurrection and let your long lost great uncle twice removed vote a few times (for me) this morning.

Now what to do with all these (potential) cookies?! Hey (it occurs to me that Andy has internet access at work)! I'll send them to work with my wonderful husband (his vote is still up for grabs and he has morally ambiguous friends)!

Update: I'm not very good at this Chicago-style voting. I baked 3 dozen cookies, ate 6 cookies, gained 3 pounds, and have 8 votes.


  1. so... how about sharing the recipe?

  2. Well, um...Whoops! Thanks for jarring my brain into gear, Michelle. The dangling allure of that award dazzled me for a moment there. Drat that Crescat and her wicked wiles!