Friday, May 7, 2010


"Is that glitter up there?" He'd finally discovered it--the remnants of a horrific glitter glue accident. No matter how hard you scrub, glitter bonds with other substances at the molecular level. I'd done my best, but there was still a winking accusation of my wifely ineptitude. I humbly confessed the whole sad affair: how the kids couldn't get the silver glitter glue going, how they appealed to me for help, and how I'd managed to aim the sucker about two inches below the ceiling when it blew. He said, "Oh, I just thought it was mixed in with the popcorn ceiling." Blast those quick confessions. To think I could have passed it off as tacky 80s decor!

We were making these...

If you could look really close above the right hand window--there's quite a bright mark there...

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