Friday, August 5, 2011

7 Quick takes

1 - It's been a long, hard, grueling summer, but this morning I saw a dim glimmering of hope. A winter constellation is fully risen on the horizon at 5:45. It's still summer, it's still hot, but the end is in sight when Orion makes it's appearance. It will rise earlier and earlier and the temps will get cooler and cooler. I promise.

2 - You know you are in a bad way when you celebrate the "down-tos." Our air conditioning is extremely limited due to reasons too expensive to fix in the limited time we are spending in this temporary dwelling. We have it completely shut off in the "adult section" of the house so that the kids do not have to sweat through the night. Last night I found myself celebrating when it got "down to" 86 degrees in my bedroom before I went to bed. It's been running at 92 degrees at bedtime all week.

3 - I am happy to report I am solidly "down to" a size large! Now that I am down to the point where I usually start dieting, I can actually feel a sense of accomplishment when I lose any more weight instead of the sense of panic and self castigation I've been feeling. Not that the extra 7 pounds was entirely my fault--it was a medical issue taken care of by medication--but logic wasn't working out for me in the emotional response to the situation. I'm just celebrating a benchmark and glad I feel like celebrating!

4 - Brace yourself for a complete change in tone. I got the bit in my mouth again about gendercide and the idiots we can be in regards to human sexuality. I'll just warn my sister and anyone else off numbers 5 through 7 right now. Don't break your heart by reading further. You already know how awful we can be...

5 - I just read an article about infanticide in Mali. The implied solution, according to the article, who quotes Unicef, is increased birth control and abortion. Let's not address the rapes and coercion that are the underlying cause of all of this. We will, instead, make money off of them by providing more of a market for distributing a Class One Carcinogen. Let's just make sure these women aren't burdening us all with killing the child after it's born. We don't like that. The rapes? Meh. They are only women after all.

6- Further in the "only women" category is the rarity that we are becoming in parts of the world, thanks to the enlightened among us.There are now 30 million more males than females in China due to the gendercide that is the inevitable result of the One Child Policy--now the Two Child Policy. In India, they are beginning to see male births surpassing females as well. What a brave new world we have here. Abortion is good for women! Just tell that to the sex slaves being brought in to service the Chinese troops. I'm sure most of them are there willingly, aren't you?

Oh, yes, Mr. Environmentalist, your newfangled and totally unrelated idea of using the government to control birthrates is simply excellent. There will be no ramifications for anyone! It will all work out just fine. Shut your eyes now, click your heels, and wish all these useless eaters away!

7 - If you haven't noticed, numbers 5 and 6 are related. They are, in fact, the same problem. It's impossible to mess with human sexuality without disastrous results.

Jennifer Fulwiler
Thanks to Jennifer Fulwiler, a fellow Texan, for hosting
7 Quick Takes Friday 

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