Sunday, August 28, 2011

Reasons to be Thankful

1) Air Conditioning
When my husband got off of work yesterday and joined me at the Ugly Yellow Trailer, it was 101 inside. When we left at 7:30, it had dropped to 100. This is my official recant of all my complaints about the air conditioner not working in that house. When it was running, it never got over 96 degrees. There is a big difference between 96 and 101. I am happy I only had two days of the latter.

2) Babysitting
As miserable as the heat and the 14 hour days were, I did not have to subject my children to either. Their grandparents subjected them to way too much candy and way too many movies instead. I missed their company, but I don't know that they noticed my absence much. They tell me How to Train Your Dragon was exciting!

Nanas are one of God's greatest gifts.

3) Friends
In the darkness before dawn yesterday, a van pulled into my driveway. I wasn't expecting anyone and I was alone, packing wildly, so I had a nervous moment until I recognized my neighbor and her daughter, hopping out and chattering cheerfully. They helped all morning and made it possible for the job of packing to be done by the end of yesterday. Not only are they the type of friends who help you move, they are the type who show up unannounced before dawn to do it. Rare friends, indeed.

4) Sunday
God made an entire day for rest. For that I am truly thankful.

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  1. Reason number 5) The grandparents have cut back on the candy! :D