Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hang in there...

I'm not posting much because it's been busy. On Monday we Baptized our daughter and had a little party and I've been tending to goats the rest of the week.
 It was a party that almost didn't happen because I woke up this Monday morning to a dying goat. I spent the majority of the day finding a large animal vet on call, getting there and back, and being schooled in anatomy, some pharmacology, and worst case scenarios. We'd already lost three kid goats due to the harsh conditions caused by the drought. I was told we could pretty much count on these to be goners, too. My job was to save the nanny, if I could.

So, all my cooking time and primping time for the party was taken up the emergency veterinary run. I prioritized on cooking and scrimped on the primping. Nobody noticed my outfit and hair--the main point being the Baptism, after all. Just for the record I'll have you know I did not smell like a goat during Church or during the reception. It was probably the first time all week, too.

I am not a fan of blood, nor gore. I dislike needles and medical jargon has never thrilled me either. In fact, my husband is the expert on anatomy and gross stuff, but he was on retreat when the first set of kids didn't make it and then he came home pretty sick with a staff infection by the time the second set were due to arrive. I've had to do the burying and the pharmacy farmer duties around the clock. But this little miracle made it through. She wasn't supposed to.She still might not make it, but she is here now. We like her and we'll keep her if we can.

Eudia the Wee
A Tiny Miracle

Now I get to warm a bottle for a little goat instead of digging deep holes for them. I much prefer the former. It's been one, long, dramatic, and very messy week. Did I mention we had both cars in the shop this week, too? Long week. Looong, long, long.

P.S. I'm boiling my shoes later.


  1. Such a beautiful kid! And Rosie was the one I milked... How is she, is she all better now that labor is over?

  2. Yeah, Rosie is our sweet goat. She's very weak, but each day she is getting a little stronger.

  3. Eudia the Wee...quite a SCAdian name..;-)

  4. You caught me, anon! I haven't used garb in years, but it still fits and it awaits in yonder box. ;)