Saturday, August 13, 2011

Two ways of dealing with stress

1 - You can accept that you are stressed out, make accommodations in your schedule so that you are not adding to your burden, if possible, and attempt to smile your way through it because chances are those closest to you are under stress, too. No sense adding to their burdens by behaving badly.


Sleep! All of you, sleep!
Eh heh heh hzzz....zzz...zzz...
2 - You can make a big deal about your own suffering, insisting that no one else's inconvenience and stress level is anywhere close to yours, yelling when your will is not obeyed, and generally looking like a harridan and making everyone else's stress loads harder to bear while maintaining the illusion that all the self-inflicted drama makes your own easier.

I've tried both. This week, I'm working on the first version because when I work on version two, everyone around me seems to be working on it, too.

By the way, if I do get to be in charge of these things, I'm putting a solemn high nap on the schedule today around 1 o'clock. Sleep...

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