Friday, October 15, 2010

The Controversy Continues

My two cents worth...

Our Lady of La Vang appeared in 1798 in traditional Vietnamese clothing.






  1. BNSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shall I go into tour guide mode and explain the Our Lady of La Vang statue?

  2. Please do, cuaguy! You were the one who tracked her down for me in the first place, and until Roz clued me in, I had no idea she'd appeared in the Orient at all. (I'm such a convert!)

  3. Well, the statue of Our Lady of La Vang at the shrine is a very special statue. While you may assume that it is only one type of marble, which is then painted, it is actually 5 different colored marble stones. They were fashioned together as one statue, and then carved. The only paint on them is the gold guild. It is a new practice, done by artists in Italy, and is one of the only statues like that in the world. The chapel also has mosaics of the apparitions and of the 118 Vietnamese Martyrs.

  4. Wow! Even the dark blue and the black looking stuff is marble? That's amazing.

    I was Protestant (or heathen) the entire time I lived in the DC area. I never even knew about the shrine. What did I miss?