Sunday, October 17, 2010

Head to desk. Repeat. (Apply as needed)

All righty. Today we had the parish fundraiser dinner. All the catechists, including yours truly, were busy with the dinner, so it was an ideal time to fulfill the "Safe Environment" requirements of the diocese. The kiddos got a lecture and a handout in their classes today about safe touch and private parts.

As I was working I saw one of the handouts on a table. I chatted with a new mother as I quickly read over the material--as a former school teacher I can never resist reading a handout. Sensible stuff mostly. "Hum. Dee. Dum. Private parts...bathing one should touch. Same old stuff." Then I looked at the little activity. It was a dot to dot.

Guess what parts were to be connected by the dots? You guessed it, the private parts. Genius!

As the momma said, laughingly, "Don't touch them; don't let nobody else touch them, but feel free to draw on them."

"Hey, ma?! Where're them markers?"
No, Dot, no!

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