Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hey! Hey! Hey! A Giveaway!

Update: "Aw, man! Somebody else won it? Oh great! Now I have to exercise charity and humility and stuff. Is it still Monday?"...tap...tap...tap..."Is this keyboard on? Hello?"

Congratulations to A Mom for Life, the winner in The Careless Catholic's giveaway!

Mantilla the Hon and Liturgical Fashions

The Careless Catholic is giving away a mantilla. Yes, Kelly's one of THOSE Catholics--a Mantilla Wearing Momma.

She shows her special status by draping herself with lace. She is a tabernacle for the life-giving God, a co-creator, a vessel for the generations. She is a treasure. She is woman! Hear her...chant in Latin, ask complicated Liturgical questions, sing a lullaby, discover her true feelings about teaching grammar to tweens! (She's not the boring roaring type...)

Not actually Kelly. Is Joy.

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